Video Call with @MissesCurtisxx

Just had a video call with @MissesCurtisxx … y’all

She. Is. The. Bomb!!

Holy Shitttt lol

First off, we had really great conversation. She’s super cool, relatable, and completely honest. This is one of my first times truly indulging in the fetish with someone in this way and I felt super safe and comfortable by the time we got to the show.

During the NSFW part, I Had one of the best times of my life hands down.
Every single burp was so bassy and deep. Hands down might be one of the best burpers I’ve ever heard. In addition, she’s super cute. Her eyes are so pretty lol

She’s super amazing! I know exactly where my next few work checks are going to be goin’ loll


Thank you for the nice time :blush:


I’m active for calls today!