What kicked off your fart fetish?

Hey! So I saw this post about non-burping / burping households and it got me thinking:

Just was curious what kick-started your fetish for farting/hearing farts?

I grew up in an open family where my guy cousins would constantly let loose sometimes without warning. I think that is what kicked off my fetish for me when / since I was very young.

Interested to hear your thoughts and stories.

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Yeah as much as I hate to admit it, it definitely had to do with family members farting around me lol

But I think also because my mom would vocally HATE farts, I never felt like I could fart around anyone, so that curiosity and taboo quality made farts and farting all the more intriguing to me. When I saw or heard someone let one rip I just thought they were displaying the utmost confidence and being as manly as possible. Eventually I realized I was attracted to it, and it’s all got to be just how it was both celebrated and shunned in my house :rofl: Had little me very confused how to feel.

was casually weened into it through art, and then I saw one pic that combined everything I loved and flipped a switch on my brain that said “yeah I like farts now.” been about two years since that.

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