What’s a good price to charge for customs?

I personally am not doing customs, but I’m curious to hear what people pay, and what they think they should pay and what’s fair/not fair to pay.

For example: should it be 1$ a minute or 5$ a minute? Maybe even 10$ a minute or more?

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To me, that depends on a lot of factors. I pretty much only do customs now because I have other kinks I combine with burping. I’ll say this though: my max is $15 per minute and a person must tick all my boxes for me to even consider that.

The average tends to be around $5-$10 per minute though.


My advice is to know who “does it” for you and who doesn’t. There are a lot of people charging $20/minute right now which I find insane. IF you’re going to charge that, you better be as good or better than the pros (like MRL) charging that.

I also think it’s always good advice to test the waters and see if the person you’re giving instructions to for a custom does what you ask. I’ve wasted so much money on customs that are off the mark and while decent, just not what I was hoping for. So start with a minimum order (a lot of girls will say three mins) and go from there.


I’m very price conscious on my end and generally don’t pay the individualized premium but if you’re putting yourself out there in niche fetish porn I mean you probably want to get at least a small windfall out of crossing that boundary, at least 50-100$ overall.

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