What type of burps do you like?

I often get requests or questions about different kind of burps. Long burps, loud burps, back to back burps, deep burps and so many more. I also get tons of requests what to wear like a bikini, a dress, nothing at all :wink:.

That brings me to the question. What are your favorite burps? Big burps in a bikini? Crop top with pop burps? Blowing burps into the camera?

Want to see whats popular and get ideas for my OF page! Let’s hear it!

When I first discovered I had this kink, was loud burping that I loved. Over the years my favorite type of burps have been the deep bassy ones. But I could truly say now, the gurgly ones are the ones that really get me going.

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I actually love soft, feminine burps the best. The kind where she just softly tilts her head and kind of “croaks”, either for a long time or just a “utt” or “ett” sound. I think it’s because I sort of only like burps in a specific context (the relief and trust aspect), so a woman basically “screaming out a burp” doesn’t always do it for me.


Yeah those are underrated tbh.


I love big long burps that are super deep. I tend to like guy burps more than girls burps.


As strange as it may be, I like the gurgly sounding burps

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I love gugly ones big ones daaamn they are the sexiest

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