Chaturbate List

This is going to be my final scale. I’m going to post those I find into this scale. The majority of the guys I haven’t even listed. They were not able to burp. I may create a plugin for chrome that will highlight the chaturbate burpers and allow people to flag/ rate them so that others dont have to.

S CLASS (Godlike ability to burp on command… This class didn’t exist but a model opened this door and I have to place him on a higher tier…)

5 STARS (Able to belch freakishly loud anything that you could want. They may need to practice for a bit, but they will get it. Able to go all night if you ask them to. There are no limits.)

Angelo_Brown (Gone)
Santiago (Gone)

4.5 STARS (On the way to 5 star burper)

4 STARS (Freakishly loud burping, really great endurance. Typically there is some limit though. They may not be able to go all night, or they maybe not be able to do words or phrases. Typically there is one major set back even though they are incredible.)

3.5 (Good Potential to become 4)

3 STARS (Low potential to become 4) (Endless burp endurance. Decent burping)

2 STARS (Good burps every now and then. Little to no endurance.)

1 STAR ( Meh Burps for when you are desperate.)


+Added this guy. Great talent. He is a 3.5. His burps are really good. I haven’t tested him yet but he is hot af and he shocked me.

Dreammr1 is now Cristopher_seth:


Wow… this guy was good… He inhale exhaled burp nonstop for like 30 minutes. The inhales are the loudest I have seen. The exhales sounded like he was holding back. I think it was night where he was and he couldn’t be too loud. This guy has some serious gurgley burps. If that is your thing, I would visit him. Also, the burps are extremely deep.

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I don’t have any token so I haven’t tested him. But I was drawn to his hashtag list and the fact that #burp is listed. He said he is extremely good at it and that he loves burping. He said he did not expect to find many people into burping and that it is his natural talent. I don’t know. He is 12 tokens a minute and 0 minimum time so he is worth a try. If I had money I would be testing him out right now.

This guy told me he was talented at burping. And he was not lying. My god I did not believe him because he was so hot. But this guy can belch. Easily a 4.

Another incredible burper. Hes definitely 4 stars.

Does he do custom videos?

Another strong burper, putting him at 4.5 cuz I think with some practice he could be incredible. Strong inhales, loud exhales. Burping phrases. Really hot…

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I just bought from dominant_master for the first time in over a month and I was impressed by the consistent, loud, deep, and long burps he was ripping. He’d probably fall well into the 4 range with what he just showed me. I enjoyed him before, but this time he impressed me.

I added some more models. 4 Stars, and another 4.5

No, sorry… Underscore at the start of the name and after. For some reason this website decides to make that italic which is very frustrating. It is (underscore)Alex(underscore)adams(underscore)

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Here’s a tinyurl to the Alex Adams mentioned above since his direct url won’t post correctly:

He’s REALLY good.

This guy is stands to be one of those occasions where a really fit, muscular, handsome guy delivers quality burps. He’s an inhale burper, with great depth, volume, but needs work on stamina and length. With more practice he could be amazing, and check all the boxes.

Great burper, great guy, very loud and powerful burps, with great endurance at a price of 12 tokens per min. He’s very sweet so I recommend.


Very good burper. Very confident in his ability, and with good reason. He’s a fit, slim, swallow burper with really great consistency and control. His burps are very loud and are decently long as well. 18tk/min, but worth it in my opinion.


Best belcher I have seen on Chaturbate. He has upped his game to the point where no one can compete any longer. Able to burp all night. Loud burps, long burps, fluent non-stop burp speak. He literally burped enimen in real song time. All with inhale/exhale belching… Absolutely incredible.


Okaygoogle must be way better than the lat time I saw him. He appeared a bit nervous about burping on cam. I am dying to see his improvement!

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I just convinced this Russian hunk to burp:

He does relatively short burps on command, but the tone is loud a sexy.

He also does really cool tricks with his abs if you request it.

I really loved a show I purchased from maxmasterblue. Really great burp skills and a reasonable price. Since his role is more of a financial dominatrix, let him know ASAP that you are there for the burping fetish thing…