Experiences with girls farting

hey everybody. I know there’s some crossover between this fetish and a fetish for girls farting, so I thought I would post here so that my previous posts don’t disappear into the internet abyss come october. I’d love to hear other people’s experiences! my current girlfriend has just started farting in front of me, but they are pathetic lol especially in contrast to her burps, which are some of the best I’ve ever heard from anyone, including some youtube legends. The hottest part is her cavalier approach to bodily functions… I’m more than willing to share more, but for now I’ll go ahead and post my previous experiences, with dates from the old forums.

I suppose I’ll start with the story of the first time I ever heard my first girlfriend fart. that night, we were at her parents house for dinner. her manners at home had always been atrocious (she had been letting loose long belches around me even before we were dating, and she was even more comfortable being uninhibited around her parents), and tonight was no exception. her family is spanish, and apparently there is some game in spain where if someone burps at the dinner table, you have to say “cofio” and place your fist on your forehead, pinky out, otherwise the burper gets to slap you on the forehead. this was one of her favorite games, as she was incredibly gassy once she started eating (and it was all natural. she never did learn how to burp on command).

anyway, we were at dinner and she had already released several rumbling belches (much to her parent’s embarrassment) when her face lit up and she looked at me. she then leaned back from the table, pulled one of her knees up and towards her, scrunched up half of her face in a look of painful concentration, and squeezed out high-pitched, squeaky fart that lasted at least five seconds. immediately afterwards, she looked at me and laughed as her mother reprimanded her and blushed in embarrassment. I looked back, thinking that I had found exactly the right kind of girl for me.

one day, after having a large dinner at my exgirlfriends house, we decided to go on a walk. she hadn’t even really wanted to go because she kept saying that she was too full to go, but eventually decided that it might make her feel better. anyway, we were walking around the neighborhood with no one else around. after about 10 minutes, she started groaning and supporting her stomach with her hand, rubbing softly. she then undid the top button of her shorts. her stomach out and able to relax, it even unzipped a little bit of her shorts. I was really turned on just from that, but then she got a pained look on her face and kind of squinted one of her eyes. what followed was a 6 second long, low, wet rumble of a fart. after she farted, she sighed and said “oh my god I feel so much better” and patted her stomach. I was so turned on.

Sometime last year, I was over at my more recent ex gf’s apt. Both of us were starving and neither had the patience to cook something for dinner, so we went out and got Wingstop (chicken wings and fries) and came back to her place to eat them. We were about halfway through the meal when I heard a rumbling, bassy fart of about 2 seconds. It was mostly muffled by the couch cushions, but I still heard it and gave her a look of “what was that?” She shrugged and said “wings make me gassy” and continued eating. After the meal, we laid down, spooning on the couch to watch something on netflix. She had eaten a lot, so she asked me to gently rub her stomach while we laid together. She is fit, but had eaten so much that I could cradle her swollen stomach with my hands and jiggle it a little. If she had not been wearing yoga pants, she definitely would have had to unbutton and unzip her pants.
While we were watching who-knows-what, I felt her stomach muscles tense up, and so I propped myself up on one should to look at her face, which was tensed in concentration, teeth biting her lower lip and one eye scrunched up. I knew what was coming so I laid back down and pulled her by her hips even closer onto me. Sure enough, I felt the vibrations of her fart begin. It was the kind of fart that fights to get out at first, and then releases in a loud & powerful rush. It was easily a good 5-6 seconds long, and afterwards she let out a long sigh of relief and patted her stomach, making a dull thump or two because it was so full. I settled back in to watch the movie and knew that I was going to enjoy this night very much. She had several more farts that night, but my favorite happened when we were laying in bed and I was on the edge of sleep. I heard her rustle around in the sheets, repositioning herself. I perked up and heard her grunt slightly as a long, nasty fart escaped. After it finished, I’ll always remember the way she said “oh my god” in a tone of total disgust at her wicked gas.
I figure I might as well write down my favorite farting memory. it happened with my second girlfriend, when we were in our early 20s. she was in shape, but also a stoner, so she would often end up getting blazed and eating a lot of food. when that happened, she would get the cutest, round, jiggly pot belly that she always rubbed and patted when she was full (or asked me to, which I loved). she said it helped her digest and settle her stomach. maybe that was true, but no matter what, after eating or drinking anything, she would blast out shockingly big burps that sounded exactly like shauna’s (at 1:57, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4QBouUO48Q). I loved them even more because they were always accompanied by either a sigh of relief at the pressure that had just escaped, the muted slap of a gentle pat on her own belly, or an adorable giggle that showed even she was surprised at how big a burp could come out of such a small girl. sometimes she would do all 3, and I would just drop my jaw and melt.
Anyway, she worked from home, so I came over to her apartment in the late afternoon. she was on a business phone call when I got there, sitting on her couch with her laptop open. I sat down next to her and opened a book to start reading to pass the time until she was off at 5. suddenly, I hear (and feel, through the couch) a low vibration, like a motorcycle, for almost 4 entire seconds. I turn to look at her and congratulate her for such a big fart, but she wasn’t even looking at me. she was still intent on the phone conversation, and it seemed like she didn’t even realize what she had done. However, she then noticed me looking at her and gave a shrug. that on its own was extremely hot, but this day was just beginning.
she got off the phone soon after and slid one hand down to rub her belly that I now saw was bloated and tight against her tshirt. she was wearing a tshirt, no bra, and some sweatpants, and I could not have been more turned on. she looked at me and leaned her ass up to one side and ripped another 3-4 second fart. I’m sure my jaw dropped, and she said “yeah, it’s been like this since lunch because I made a big bowl of cole slaw and then ate all of it. I love cole slaw so much, but it makes me so gassy. I have to keep farting so that my stomach doesn’t hurt” and she made a sad face. I told her that it was fine, she could fart as much as she needed to, it didn’t bother me.
I went over and laid down on her bed to read where I could see and hear her from across the room. she kept working, but every minute or two she would make a face of pain and then scrunch up her face in concentration to let out another long, ripping fart. sometimes they were so loud her cats would jump and run away. I sat over on her bed enjoying every second. Later, she got another phone call. now this time, she knew she had an audience and when she felt a fart coming her face lit up like a lightbulb and she looked at me and motioned to get my attention. she leaned her ass slightly to the side and continued the phone conversation. I heard her voice strain slightly as she pushed out another long ripper of a fart, very similar to this one (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n1bXG0-tYY). I was so turned on by the fact that the person on the other end of the phone had no idea that while they were talking to this girl with a cute and innocent voice, she was passing incredible amounts of gas.
After she got off work at 5, she suggested we go to an Ethiopian place near her house. I agreed, but asked her if she would stuff herself for me (she knew about my love of stuffing and, since she enjoyed eating so much, was almost always down to overeat and let me worship her swollen belly). she laughed and agreed to, and said “well if I’m going to do that, I’m going to need to wear these,” and she put on a pair of striped yogapants that she had worn before for her very biggest stuffings. The biggest and best fart of the day was yet to come.
I don’t have the time to type out the second half of that night right now, but I do have time for another short story about a different girl. she was blonde, played lacrosse, was slightly thicker, but definitely not overweight, and had great breasts. she was naturally very gassy (another girl I knew on the lacrosse team had told me before that this first girl farted alllllllll the time–at practices, on team trips, etc). she wasn’t even really that much of a tomboy, she was actually pretty girly, just very open about natural bodily functions. she didn’t fart in front of guys, but she would burp huge belches whenever she needed to.
One night, we had been out drinking and ended up going home together. we were both pretty drunk, so neither of us came, and we ended up passing out in my bed. some time in the middle of the night, I hear a loud noise and sluggishly raise myself up on one elbow to see what it was. a few seconds after that first noise, I hear this girl next to me, sleeping face down, rip a powerful peteuse-level fart. now that I heard that second one, I realized that the first noise I heard was also a fart. a fart loud and long enough to wake me up out of a dead, drunken sleep. I laughed and whispered her name, but she was still asleep. the next morning I told her that she had woken me up last night. she said “how?” and I said “with your farts.” she laughed and said “oooooh haha yeah, I kind of fart a lot. especially when I’ve been drinking.” I told her it was fine, I just thought it was funny, and we both got up to go to class
Here’s one about the first time that my ex farted ON me. The night before, we had hung out at her place drinking beer and eating pizza, and she had been letting loose incredible belches. That morning, we woke up and I pulled her in close to me so that we could spoon; my crotch was up against her large, well-cushioned butt and my hands moved down to cradle her belly, still full and poochy from the night before. As I squeezed her belly, she reached down and stopped me, then nervously said “umm, I think I’m, uh, kind of gassy this morning…”
(At this point, she did not know that I actively enjoyed her farting. I had made it clear that farting was something that was totally natural, and she didn’t need to hold it in and feel uncomfortable around me. in fact, I even thought it was kind of cute when girls farted. Luckily for me, she wasn’t shy about bodily functions so she gladly took the opportunities this provided. However, even with my blessing to fart, she figured that there was a difference between farting around me and actually farting on me).
I said “oh, you have to fart? that’s fine, go ahead.” I could tell that she was a little surprised that I didn’t want her to at least roll her ass in the other direction, but I’m sure it was hurting her to hold it in, so she went for it. I put my hands back on her stomach and felt it flex for a couple seconds, but I didn’t hear or feel anything.
“Was that it?” I asked her.
“No,” she said and then laughed nervously, “It’s like…being shy now. I’m gonna try again.”
This time I massaged her belly a little, pressing down from mid stomach and working down to low. She flexed again, and a long, beer-fueled ripper fart vibrated up against my crotch.
She laughed like she couldn’t believe that had just come out of her.
Eventually, she relished her frequent morning gas. Once while we were spooning, she reached around behind to grab my butt and pull herself even closer on to me. She started giggling as she yelled “I’m gonna fart on your dick!” before letting out 2-3 blasters right on me. That kind of thing woke me right up, believe me.
One time my exgirlfriend and I had eaten a large dinner at an indian food place before heading back to her place to lay down and digest while I worshipped her swollen belly. she had let out low, rumbling belches throughout the meal, as she always did, but nothing overt because we were in public. as soon as we got inside her apartment, I lifted up her shirt to see her round, taut belly poking out over her jeans (now much too small for her). she reached down, undid the top button of her pants and slid a hand to the underside of her belly to give it a little pat, remarking that she was so full her stomach hurt a little. I was already turned on, and I took her hand to lead her into the bedroom. we started heading that way, but then she stopped, let go of my hand, and said “uh oh…” I wasn’t sure what was going on, but when I saw her grab onto the kitchen counter and bend over slightly, I knew what was coming.
undoing her pants had given her digestive system the room it needed it let out some pressure, and she bent over further, her face scrunched up with the effort. finally, an incredible fart came ripping out of her jeans.
she straightened back up with a laugh and a smile on her face, for how great a fart it was and how much better she felt afterwards.
I work at a restaurant, and one day I had forgotten to bring my phone charger and my phone was about to die. Once the rush died down, I asked around to see if anyone had a charger on them. one of my friends, a petite blonde girl said that she had one in her car that I could use. As she was digging though her purse to find her keys, she said “you’ll get to smell my car farts. I save them for when I’m alone in my car.”
I laughed and she did too, but she wasn’t kidding.
A couple weeks later, while we were talking before the shift started, she said “you’ll never guess what happened this morning. I woke myself up…with my own fart. haha yeah it was a blast, just a big wind passing through me. It scared me a little until I realized that the noise was from my own butt. it’s happened before and I always want to think that I dreamed it, but I know I actually didn’t…”
yesterday was the best experience I’ve ever had with someone who I wasn’t dating. After I got off work, one of my friends from college invited me to go to a mexican food place with her for dinner (yesterday was 4/20, so she was absolutely baked and ready to eat a ton). We got there, she immediately ordered some queso and a beer and started laying into the free chips and salsa. She drank her first beer quickly, seeming oblivious to the deep, rumbling belches that she kept releasing. Halfway through her meal (and third beer) she started slowing way down and complaining that she could not fit any more in her belly. A short blast of a burp escaped and she almost finished her quesadilla, but ended up giving me the last couple slices after telling me how she had worn loose pants on purpose, but now they were digging into her belly (they were high-waisted, but she pulled up her shirt to show me and the top part of her belly was peeking out over the pants).
Throughout all of this I am laughing and complimenting her burps when they are bigger than usual (that’s just how we are with each other, always have been).
After leaving the restaurant, I decide to stop for some beer at a corner store. I grab a 6 pack and she ends up buying chocolate covered nuts, a big rice krispie treat, and a pint of ice cream. All this for someone who said just 20min before that they were too full to eat anything else! While we were standing in line to check out, she leans over and whispers to me “I’ve been having really stinky farts” and then makes a guilty face. I shake my head and laugh and then all of a sudden her fart reaches me. It’s not too bad, but definitely funky and I feel bad for the people around us. Just before it’s my turn to check out, she giggles and whispers “I can’t hold them in.”
I go up to check out and as I am waiting for my change her newest fart hits me. This one is bad. It’s the fart of someone who has been getting high and eating junk food all day, and topped it all off with cheese, beans, and cheap beer at a mexican food place. I try to stop breathing and as I finish checking out I turn around and shake my head at her and whisper “oh my god dude you stink, I can’t take it haha I’m waiting outside.”
She met me outside and said “whew that last one was bad huh. I held them in after that.”
I said “yeah those poor people in line, you were gassing them out! if you have anymore then please fart now, before we get in the car”
“nah, they won’t come out now, but as soon as I get home you better watch out” she said, laughing at herself.
Once we got back to her place I sat on the couch and she got down on her knees to greet her dog. I pull out my phone to answer a text and hear a 3 second fart squeak out. I look up she is making a “omg who was that?” face but quickly starts laughing and I know it is her. She doesn’t acknowledge it to me, but says to her dog “I am so sorry you have to smell my stinky farts tonight, I hope I don’t ruin your sense of smell.”

Definitely one of my top experiences. It’s the best when girls are comfortable enough to just naturally fart around you. This girl and I have always burped around each other, but just in the last week she has started farting around me and it’s been great. The first time was leaving that same mexican restaurant. She drove and was standing outside her car with the door open waiting to get in, even though I was already sitting down. I asked what she was doing, and she said “wait, I’m letting a fart out before I get in the car”
one of my friends recently moved and is living alone for the first time and was asking me about the upsides of living alone since I’ve done it before and she has been feeling a little lonely in this new situation. I said how my favorite thing was being naked anywhere and anytime. She replied “Yeah, I don’t really like being naked very much, so probably my favorite part has been that I don’t have to hold in my farts anymore, I can just let them rip haha”
I was a little shocked because this girl doesn’t typically talk like that, so I asked incredulously “you’ve been farting a lot??”
With no hesitation, she responded “Oh yeah, I’ve been eating a ton of lentils. It’s been bad.”
One time I was staying at this hostel, taking a short rest in the afternoon out in a courtyard, laying in a hammock with my headphones in. There were these two girls sitting at a table about 10 feet away from me, speaking French. They were clearly friends, having lively conversation and making jokes. At one point, their conversation died down and the more boisterous of the two got a devilish look on her face, held up a hand to get the other’s attention, and propped herself up on one asscheek in the chair. She then let out an absolutely goddamn ripper, one of the best farts I’ve ever heard. She laughed hysterically, surely impressed at herself. Her friend hit her on the arm and seemed horrified but soon collapsed in laughter along with her. They quickly left and I was there alone again, with my headphones in, replaying over and over again what I just saw and heard.
had been hanging out with a friend while she ran some errands, eventually got back to her house. She unlocks her door, walks inside. She’s wearing a short sundress, I’m following behind her. A few steps in, she stops and says “wait! I know you like this…” and then leans forward slightly and lets out a decent full-toned fart and then sighs and said “I was trying so hard to keep that in while we were in the store”
I’d never even heard her fart out loud before that! But apparently someone I used to date told her that I was into farts, so she knew, but she’s really cool about stuff like that so it didn’t bother me too much. I definitely wasn’t expecting her to ever let one go in front of me though lol I’m hoping it happens again…


Can’t wait for pt 2 of your Ethiopian stuffing story!

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Can’t wait for pt 2 of your Ethiopian stuffing story!

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lol not sure if you guys are kiddin around or not… I’ll type it out sometime if there is actual interest

No seriously; I really enjoyed your story. Hope to read more soo

Don’t uh… hold back with the stories :slight_smile:

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I fart a lot and I have a lot of stories about it - if anyone wants to know more, say so :slight_smile:


I’d love to hear if you’re willing to share!

Yes please share!!! That would be amazing!!

@relief any time for pt2 on that story

here’s the second half of the Ethiopian stuffing experience (posted on 6/23/14 if you want to scroll up and read that). It’s shorter than the first half, but includes the best farting I’ve ever heard in real life.
As you can tell from reading the first half, my ex was having a day of record-setting gassiness. She had moved into her own apartment a couple months before, and had really embraced the freedoms and indulgences of living alone. She had definitely put on weight since living alone, and not a small amount either. I know this because she had a set of lingerie with a garter that I really enjoyed, and she had told me back then that recently she tried it on and had literally busted it. Her thighs were getting bigger, she was eating whatever she wanted. While she had always belched openly around her roommates, living alone was letting her develop her ability to rip shockingly long and loud farts. She had a cat, and I often wonder if having an audience like that, one that can’t talk, inspires women to fart more openly and impressively than they would even if they were alone (think of peteuse and her cat cheddar)…
Anyway, we had decided to go to an Ethiopian place for dinner, and she had agreed to stuff herself there. It was a cold and drizzly weeknight, and we sat in a booth, all alone in a quiet corner. I let her order to her heart’s content, and after a short wait, the platters started coming out. She was a hedonist at heart, and loved indulging herself. The fact that I was turned on by her indulgence only served to stimulate her exhibitionist side, and the whole meal progressed in a lovely self-reinforcing cycle (a cycle I had come to know very well by that point).
Throughout the meal, she kept bringing her clenched fist up to her mouth and releasing long, low belches to clear out room for more food. Even though we were basically alone in there, she was never openly rude. She was a secret piggy, and that was something I appreciated as I saw her covertly pull her yoga pants up over her now-bulging belly, trying to maintain some semblance of the shape she was when she walked in there.
After several large platters of rich food, with ethiopian flatbread underneath, soaking up all the sauces, serving as a delicious, edible utensil, we were done. We sat there for a moment and let her digest. A few more long, rumbling belches as she smiled in contentment at her feat. I was in bliss of course, but a part of me was wondering what she had done with all of that flatulence that had seemed to uncontrollable just a few hours before.
We paid and walked back to the car. Once inside, she rolled down her yoga pants and let me deliver a few gentle pats to her taut belly. I could feel how tight it was, and see how little jiggle there was in it now that it was packed to the brim with food. Since we were in private, she allowed a burp to release at full volume, followed by a long sigh of satisfaction and pride (she was always a tomboy at heart).
Once we got back to the house, we faced each other and I brought her in close to feel her belly press up against me, but she put her hand on me chest to keep some distance and said “wait,” with a worried look on her face. She proceeded to rip the longest, loudest fart that I have ever heard in person. It sounded like some combination of the first 2 farts in this comp, or of the ones that start after 1:52 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WBmoanAKQw
I don’t know how long it lasted, but she had time to close her eyes and strain to start it, then open them and look at me in amazement as it continued, then start backing away from me in disgust at her own gas, all while her fart kept going. It was incredible. Her gassiness continued the rest of the night, though I heard nothing even approaching that one unbelievable fart.
EDIT: found a pic on stufferdb that is very similar to what my ex looked like


HEY! So right away I noticed that you mentioned a game about burping at the table in Spain called “cofio”. That’s very interesting because I remember a burp video on YouTube from yeaaarrrsss ago that I lost. It was a group of German girls playing the game and I always thought it was a German game. I think they said “rulps!” but they had to do the same exact thing with their fist and pinky out.

okay so she never really farts (instead she burps soooo often, see my ‘naturally gassy girlfriend’ thread for those stories) but last night we had some shrimp and she hadn’t had it in years and it was fucking up her stomach lol I felt bad for her. this morning we were laying in bed and I was looking at my phone and she told me that I was gonna want to take a video (I thought it might be a fart because we joke about how her farts are so rare, etc). I started recording just in time to capture a massive fart, easily the best I’ve ever heard from her. You can even hear her cute lil giggle at the end if you turn up the volume. it was perfect, an absent-minded, half-asleep absolute ripper


Holy shit dude! That’s amazing!

You should really have her try eating sugar free candy. Usually the sugar free gummy bears are best. You can find them in most CVS stores.

Dude… having someone eat those is inhumane. I’ve done it on a dare. The amount of torture you face on the toilet shouldn’t be wished on your worst enemy. I was there for 6 hours and loss the feeling in my legs.

Well, you should only eat like 5 or 6 at a time. Don’t eat the whole bag or even half of a bag!

I only had 9.

wooa bro u are lucky, you have some burps recorder or something?

Just the recording app on my phone

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One time I just ripped major ass it was so goif