Favorite Burping Scenarios

What are you favorite burping scenarios?

Here are some of mine:

  1. A eats way too much food. The only thing that will give them relieve is a huge burp, but they can’t seem to do it themselves. B comes to the rescue by trying different ways to bring up the trapped air (such as patting A’s back or kneading A’s belly). Eventually, B dislodges a gas bubble. The gas quickly travels upwards. A grimaces and puts a hand on their chest. Their cheeks puff out and they let out an enormous belch that brings instant relief.

  2. Someone is eating dinner at a fancy restaurant. They are very polite, so when a burp comes on they gulp it down hoping to silence it. But it backfires big time. That gulp just brought in more air. At the same time, the server comes over to ask about the food. As soon as the person opens their mouth, an unexpected hiccup turns into an earth-shattering belch. The person is so embarrassed.

  3. A feedee has just been fed a big meal. Their belly is round and bloated with gas, painful and achy. Despite their terrible stomachache, their feeder doesn’t like it when they burp. But as they are force fed a giant milkshake, the feedee can’t help but belch loudly (despite their attempts to hold in their rude outbursts to please their merciless feeder). Each loud belch is scolded harshly, but the feedee just can’t help it.


Bahahah I love it when someone pats my back until I burp. Its the best♡

  1. Sitting in class doing your work when out of nowhere a girl belches loud as fuck. and absolutely nobody acknowledges it.

  2. At a house party talking to this hot girl when she asks you if you wanna shotgun a truly with her. As she finished the truly she pats her chest and releases a belch that is so deep it’s heard over everything, the loud talking, loud music, etc.

  3. Going out to eat with your significant other. You take them to a nice restaurant for dinner. As you finished paying the bill they explain how they feel very full and they tell you they’re very satisfied all while both hands are on their full belly. You both make it to the car and on the ride back they’re hands are still on their food baby. you here a weird noise come from they’re stomach and here it move up their esophagus quickly, cheeks puff out and a deep gurgle belch erupts from their mouth. The belch is then blown straight forward without a second thought, then your s/o says that it released a lot of pressure. You sit in the driver seat very content the rest of they home as they now have the hiccups, and a gassy food baby.


Hey everyone, latest clip of my burp. Hope you enjoy it. Mine would be out in public and my girl just lets one rip. Definitely a turn on



That happened a lot at my school lol


For me it’s

  1. Just walking through a populated area and a cute girl walking up to me and asking if I want to hear them burp and doing it in my face before I can respond

  2. 2 girls holding me down and burping on me “as a joke” without knowing about the kink. Happened to me a couple times before knowing and after knowing and omg

  3. A teacher/boss/older woman burping casually and noticing that I’m enjoying it then teasing me about it.

  4. Uncontrollable burping to the point they can’t get a single word out for a prolonged period of time

  5. Being burped on in secret where other people are around and could see/hear her. The more risky the more exciting…even though no one else would think it’s a sexual act lol.


I’m the girl at the house party that slams the truly and makes the room reverberate LOL.
And the last one would be a dream come true ;~;


I like how you show up to every thread and say the hottest thing possible.


Bahahaha, when I’m frisky, I just be scrolling through the forums going wild :woozy_face: :hot_face:


Here are my favorite burping scenarios:

  1. “I can do it anytime I want”

This is when quantity of burps is more important than quality. It’s the key to proving without any preparation, the burger can gulp air and release a belch over and over all day. It’s a exhibition of deliberate burps on command.

  1. The competition

This is when a burger doesn’t feel the need to show of the talent unless there are other burgers in the room. It starts off as burp tennis where each competitor proves their basic belching skills. Then things get a whole lot less polite. No doubt, one will take a huge inhale or gulp many times and let out a huge, unnatural loud and long belch. That is when things get out of hand, as the burp war begins. The burps overlap like a symphony until one with gets stuck or feels tired or ready to puke. The champion usually lets out a huge burp with the leftover air followed by an awkward silence. The victor has been crowned!

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  1. Burping after finishing a heavy meal or a drink, especially if it’s followed by some comment like, “Holy shit, I needed that.”
  2. Being interrupted mid-sentence by a burp. The less they expect it, the better.
  3. Drunk burps or uncontrollable burps.
  4. Burping in my face while kissing or being intimate.

In a fucking gym shower heh… you just finished working out and you are about to take a hot shower, you start and then a hot gym bro comes in ripping a full power belch. You get scared and he says “Its the protein dude” he rips another big burp veeeery close to you and smirks or blinks. He showers and you try not to get hard then you belch to follow his game but he then says… nobody can beat me… heh

Yeah i know its fantasy but got damn, i have been very close to this scenario many times hahahahaha😂


I was in the gym locker room once and this guy was leaned against the wall where the sinks are cranking out burp after burp as though he was trying to release a demon. He was just wearing a towel and just went in to take a piss. After about 10 burps, one of his friends told him to shut up. It’s very hard to piss while getting a boner. But, I managed to not stare at him. The bass of his gulps and burps bounced off the tile walls. Super HOT!


Lucky man hahahah

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I had a friend that would burp so fucking loud after anything, once during a track meet we went to get food that they were selling there and after we ate he ripped a massive 4 second LOUD burp


I’ve always been a fan of the group of freinds scenario where a group of friends are together (girls or guys) and there’s clearly one in the group that is the expert belcher and loves showing off. This is what actually helped spawn the fetish for me. It was a love/hate thing for me…had one friend that could blast belch after belch, loud and long effortlessly while my other friends would make attempts at burping and were all weak. I never participated saying I couldn’t do it which was true. It would embarrass me but at the same time I sure did love hearing those loud long burps. Now I love the idea of like sleepovers with friends all trying to have a burping contest and one just always blows away any competition.


A bunch of sexy females from the volleyball team or girls basketball team just finished a game. They’re all dehydrated. They hit the locker room with bottles of cold water and gatorade… since they’re so competitive, two of them start having a burping war. The whole time they’re in there you hear powerful eruptions bounce off the Lockers and the walls lol. I’d love to witness some shit like that


#1 FAVORITE SCENARIO OF ALL TIME: I’m at a bar and some guy tells me he’s seen me from across the room. He thinks I’m really cute, and he’d like to get to know me. He’s not half bad so I decide to entertain it because I love to flirt and I’m in a generous mood. He buys me a drink while he tells me about himself, but my favorite song starts to play and I rush to slam the drink, pretty much right out of the bartenders hand. It’s a Jäegerbomb made with an entire can of redbull. He stops surprised by my excitement, watching me heavily gulp down the cocktail. I tip my head back further for every gulp I take. The condensation from the glass, caused by this ice cold drink in a steaming hot room, begins to drip down my neck as he watches my throat muscles move up and down. I dont miss a single drop and bring the glass back down to the table. I simultaneously lift my other hand and pound a burp out of my chest. The club is bustling and loud, but my burp pierces through the music and manages to make it to his ears. His jaw drops in disbalief, but he breaks into a grin. I tell him I’m gonna go dance and I ask if he wants to join me for a good time on the dance floor. He nods, still starstruck and I get out there to finish the rest of the song :heart:

Okay, so we should revive this post, bc I need more reads :face_holding_back_tears:

  1. Mid sentence burps when a female is talking and pauses for half a second to gather it and let’s out a loud belch!

2 when a female is doing her make up working on her face and she is focused with her mouth open and then out of nowhere a burp erupts

  1. My ex (who had no idea about my fetish) once we were done having sex she would sometimes sit up at the end of the bed and rip like 3 deep belches! I miss her :joy::joy::joy:

probably too many scenarios to count tbh but I find the thing that gets me going more than anything else is the contrast between the crudeness of a burp and a girl that comes off as especially intelligent and well spoken. sort of a long with that even more specifically the tutorial videos where a girl really taps into that enthusiastic instructor persona like they’re teaching you how to find derivatives in between ripping burps.

Jenna’s belching tutorial might be my all time favorite.