What Kickstarted Your Burp Fetish?

The title is self-explanatory. There were a few instances that I could think of where I’ve been attracted to females burping.

The first was in Shrek where Princess Fiona pressed her fist on her breasts and burped in the middle of the movie after Shrek said that belching was a compliment and then said ‘Thanks’ to a stunned Shrek and Donkey. I was also surprised that a girl could so brazenly belch and that helped me develop a crush on her. Then, there’s the part at the end when the Dragon ate Lord Farquadd, then thumped her fist on her chest and belched out his crown. It’s also probably the first example of vore that I’ve ever seen, too. I’m pretty sure that this film had a lot of fetishes in it that kids were exposed to.

Second was in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius at the end where Jimmy’s mom Judy drank his Neutronic Burping Soda and belched uncontrollably. The part where she tried to scold Jimmy but got cut off by a belch powerful enough to uncurl her hair, then she laughed along with the rest of the family was particularly fun to watch. I’m honestly surprised that more burp fic writers don’t tackle the idea of a soda that guarantees one burp per sip.

Also, I recall Shrek 2 where Fiona burped at a dinner with her parents before sheepishly saying ‘excuse me’. I find it cute that even a slob like her can have some manners.

Does anyone else think that the people making these things have fetishes?


I started a similar thread back on the old site, but mine started primarily with cartoons also. Fiona was one, but another for me was Vicky belching in the episode if Fairly OddParents when the main characters shrink and go into her digestive system. Another big one was Mandy from Grim and Evil doing huge earth-shaking belches after supposedly eating Irwin. And as for real people, Candace Bailey from U-Pick Live on Nickelodeon constantly belching on purpose. I was 9-10 when it started turning me on, before I even hit puberty, so I didn’t fully understand it or even know it was a thing with anyone else. I just thought something was wrong with me. :joy::rofl:


for some reason, i was watching this video on a couple that accidentally ate their dog while on vacation in China. that lead to a woman who’s stomach literally exploded in China, which lead somehow to a burping video. i was hooked. not old enough to be turned on yet, but i would watch for hours.

There was a scene in James and the Giant Peach. Aunt Spounge and aunt Spiker are eating fancy food and excluding james telling him to go do chores or something. They send him away, and then aunt Sponge just let’s out this casual natural burp. Like she doesn’t care who hears it. I was pretty young at the time (like… 10 or something?) But whenever that scene came on I would leave the room because it made me feel ‘weird’. Looking back… It makes all of the sense :’)


I made a pretty detailed post in the original thread on the old forum, but it was cartoons, Candace Bailey, and girls who were older than me in real life doing it. I didn’t actually realize it turned me on until I started watching YouTube videos. Here’s a story from around that time. The summer after 8th grade in 2012 a close friend of mine at the time casually said during lunch in December of 2011 (the same school year I just felt the need to clarify because I even confused myself writing this) that she could make herself do it.

So she agreed to actually do it on command for me on the last day of school when we were at a local theme park (it was just a place with mini golf. Some go karts and an in door arcade area) so while we write sitting in the arcade area eating pizza while nobody was in earshot of us, I reminded her. She then chugged a can of soda. Inhaled a bit after swallowing and let out this deep gurgly belch.

She seemed happy about doing it since she was kinda proud of how good she was, so she also did it three more times in the gym while we were signing year books. I had her phone number a few days before that and when we left the gym she said she’d be ok with me calling her a couple days later and getting her to do it over the phone for laughs, but her phone was kinda crappy and it took her most of the summer to get a new one.

We kept in touch sporadically throughout high school. After we graduated we started reminiscing about how much fun we had clowning around with each other when we were preteens so I brought up the burp story and she laughed and joked about the fact that she agreed to it. We still occasionally keep in touch to this day to reminisce and check up on each other but she’s got two kids and has a job as a pipe mechanic now.


I grew up around guys that could burp at will. I will never forget when my first buddy learned to swallow air and burp. He just loved to show off his newly discovered talent. Then, I met a guy who could do a huge inhale of air and burp whenever he wanted, long and loud. He could do it all day. Then, there was this show on MTV called Oddville, where many guys showed off their burping talent. I could tape the shows and use them when my parents weren’t home. Then, my fetish got a huge boost when I actually met other guys with the fetish. This whole community of guys into guys burping took off, and I have been friends with some amazing burpers over the years that didn’t mind that I was into their burping skills.


For me, it was when I was in 7th grade and I was watching Nickelodeon and there was a commercial for the Kids Choice Awards where Justin Timberlake burped through out the entire thing. I started to get h*rd and I was so confused as to why. I’ll never forget it


I remeber growing up I always found burping disgusting. Like if i knew a character was gonna burp on tv or in a movie I would get so uncomfortable that I would have to leave the room for a little while. I would also clam up when burping even came up in a conversation. Then when I was like 13 or maybe 14 I suddendly had the urge to watch the shows and movies that featured characters burping. Then all of a sudden I found it attractive. Now it’s a major turn on for me.


I remember feeling that way when a burp or fart came on TV as a kid. Heck, I still feel uncomfortable watching burps and farts around my family, oddly enough.


I think the first time that I started to notice it was way back when I was in 6th grade. This hispanic, long haired dude two grades above me used to rip burps all of the time after PE in the locker room. It was something I started randomly thinking about a lot. I started noticing when other guys did it too. Eventually months later I typed in burping on YouTube and well… you know how that goes…

But looking back, I think it’s always been there, at least since earlier childhood. Can’t exactly pinpoint why.


Belch.com for me . Anybody remember that site?


@burplover234 That is EXACTLY how it went for me! I used to put in movies like Home on the Range and watch them when I was home alone at age 13 and then it just escalated.


Same with me, except I was much younger when I finally admitted to myself that I was turned on by burping. I first thought gas was really gross when I was like 5 or 6. Then I played Banjo-Kazooie when it came out and I was like 8 years old, and this scene with Nabnut did me in. (Here’s an old low-res recording because every other video you find of him is part of some long playthrough of the entire game)

I think my fetish came from a girl I liked in elementary school who could burp on command


Belch.com…Hell yes, I remember it. I was so addicted to that site, mainly because I loved to listen to audio files over and over again. Definitely fueled my fetish. Then there were those Yahoo groups and live chats where guys would burp on command and even take requests.


Definitely this commercial, when I was 5 or 6.


Also, there was this beer ad from the mid 2000’s where a sexy woman chugs a beer and releases a massive belch, before dainty covering her mouth. I’ve had a hard time finding that ad, but it definitely made an impact on me.

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I think this Ecampus.com ad certainly contributed to my fetish and made me want to search for more guys who could recharge with air and burp this effortlessly:


Yes I remember the days, before the burp fetish really kicked off online and the old yahoo group

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