Where are the mods?! Shaming, mean comments, KIDS?!

There are people here that shame kinkster, comment mean things for no reason, promote unpaid porn and shame people for paying for their porn, post videos where there are KIDS, etc. Where the fuck are the mods?? I flagged those and nothing happened. What’s going on?


They are known for rarely being visible., let’s say.


Yea ur talking about me. Well guess what. Go cry. Cuz u creating a thread about my opinion on paying for porn is just a dumb way of criticizing my opinion. The same way u think it’s ok to pay for it I think it’s not. So fk off. Ur an adult and u shud be able to handle banter and different opinions.

Fyi I deleted the OneDrive that had underage pepos. Becuz guess what, even thou I’m underage, I understand that people don’t want to deal with that darkside of every fetish. So hbu u stop whining.

you didn’t seem to understand until like 3 people told you to get rid of it


You’ve been active on the forum for like 5 days and the 3 out of 5 days you’ve been starting shit💀



Aight man… I still removed it with my finger and my will. I wudnt have if I hadn’t thought it throu.

She’s complaining about me… Ofc I’ma respond. U don’t wanna start shit with me because u won’t win. And also she responded to something I said awhile ago.

What I stated is undisputed, you should reconsider what you’re doing if everything you say leads to an argument


I wasn’t talking about only you. There’s a fucking weird community since the new site was uploaded. And as I said, having an opinion that shames and are disrespectful isn’t “giving your opinion”, it’s straight up bullying. I simply asked mod to do their job. If you’re all defensive and feel targeted, that’s not my problem: it only means you don’t behave well on the site and don’t follow community guidelines. Since you can “give your opinion”, I can give mine. And I think you don’t belong here if you are disrespectful to other kinksters.




Right, but when the first person alerted everyone that there was underaged content on a fetish forum, your first response was to (shoddily) defend it being there. you only removed it after multiple people told you it shouldn’t be there. anybody that understands why its wrong for underaged content to be there wouldn’t even try and defend it at all.

oh by the way:


Somethings not quite adding up here.

Either you’re lying about your age in this post here for some reason (cool points or something?)

or you’re lying about being underaged so that you can convince people its fine that you look at underaged content, which is 1000x worse.

all that aside, my main question is; why are you so insistent on making enemies here? You said you joined because you’re ashamed of your fetish. This is one of the very few places with people that can help you with that, people that share your experiences, people you can relate to. Instead, you’re choosing to be a huge dickhead to everyone you interact with for no apparent reason.


Ok and? I’m not desperate and I’m smart. Saving money is smart. Finding free porn is smart. U aren’t fooling me. I’m just gonna ignore u.

In my country 18 is underaged but aight. I’m age of consent, not legal for other stuff. But if age of consent is what ur talking about then 16 is the number. Anyways, don’t come at me with ur bull. It’s as if u want me to say “ooh my god guys look, I’m such a pedo, I posted a onedrive then deleted it per request. But I’m still a pedo!”. Fk off mate. The link is deleted. Sue me.

I don’t give two pebble shits about u bud. I’m not here to make friends. I’m here for content. So fk off and leave me alone. I don’t need friends. I have friends, and they aren’t weirdos like u who write weirdo fanfics and pay for porn.

18 being the age of consent where you’re from doesn’t change the fact that you still tried to defend watching videos of girls well below that age lmao.


16 is age of consent? U good bud? Or u lacking in the brain area. I didn’t even notice the CP to begin with but guys said it had. I was just there for the stuffer content.

Also u know what they call people like u guys here on this thread. Ur called snowflakes. Entitled snowflakes. Ur not quirky. Ur not funny. Ur an oversensitive loser that can’t tolerate a quick “fuck u”. So do me a favor and toughen up. U don’t like my opinion, then don’t like my comments. Plain and simple. Besides? What’s better? Saving money or spending it on porn when there is free stuff that suits ur fetish?

Don’t @ me. I’m out. U guys are adults, u shud move on with ur day.