Intentionally allowing unauthenticated forum browsing?

This month I’ve noticed that the login page shows the main page underneath the login dialog. In the past, it was just a blank page. It turns out that the forum is world readable without an account. I was of the impression that our community preferred the fig leaf of requiring an account, based on threads like the request to disable referrer origin.

Is this an intentional change in policy ?

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Yes it was one of the mods idea. I voiced a concern that I fear it’ll create more creepish lurkers but at least the media section isn’t visible and doesn’t show up in google so no one will be able to find the place by googling their screen name like with what happened a few times on the old site. (Although a handful of girls who found it that way were cool about it)


Yeah it’s intentional. I made a post about it here: Search engine settings